Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Yeah I got a "fix" today! [crafting that is!]

Yesterday, Alwynne had been sent home from school complaining of a sore tummy. So this morning the poor wee mite was again complaining of a sore tummy as did her brother! I would see the point if I had been trying some fancy new recipes on them but I haven’t – honestly! It’s something that is doing the rounds at school for the last couple of months unfortunately.

So, having the kids at home scuppered my plans for the day of what was meant for me to be out in town sourcing items for a commission I have to prepare by the end of the week. It turns out I did manage to get a very small crafting 'fix' today, nevertheless it was still a fix. At the weekend I managed to purchase a few travel and regular sized 'Dove' products and a handbag size bottle of lovely Ted Baker 'W' perfume along with other self pampering items to add to a gift basket I have been planning to prepare. I arranged them in the basket along with tissue paper to ‘prop’ up some of the smaller items. As a finishing touch, I made a little ribbon flower to insert inside the basket in amongst the pamper products and then wrapped them up with the cellophane and another hand made ribbon bow – I am quite chuffed with the finished item.

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