Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Christmas countdown - applies to December only!

At work [my NHS job], we deal with a company who organises for consultants to take our out patient clinics at weekends in a bid to reduce the waiting lists for lots of specialties.  Each year they gift the staff a new calendar.  This being almost my first year in the post as departmental secretary, and an eye for altering/crafting, I asked my colleagues to keep some of these back for me so that I could recycle.

I saw the block style calendars in the Range at the weekend - they were cheaper than Asda's block calendars but even at almost £7 a set!  Those wooden block style calendars were quite popular to alter at one point I am sure but thought it a little expensive "just because" LOL.  Then it occurred to me that I still had the above calendars stashed away in a drawer.  I even chopped down the pre-printed calendar bits that flip over from month to month, and recycled those by covering them in patterned cardstock and cut out numbers from the Sizzix Lollipop number series.  

I must apologise now for the calendar I made was actually for a "sleep countdown" for the festive season - yes I am quite a bit ahead of time but I am never this organised and wanted to have this done.  I have another 2-3 to make.  This is the prototype!
How the back looks:

The front and numbers put in place:

yup, 'fraid so, this is Santa Claus!
I layered certain areas of this die cut, with a little chalking from Stamping Up, given Santa the rosy cheek look.

Nouveau was the Sizzix Sizzlet alphabet used for "How Many Sleeps.....?"

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