Monday, 16 June 2008

Gill's 40th Birthday

Gill and blackened background:

Original photo of Gill and balloons:

Gill's mum Marion and friend Abbie:
In the hummer limo:

Gill's birthday card I made her:
It's been a funny year last year and this year regarding 40th birthdays! It's been a regular things these 40th birthday parties or just a good mix of people joining up for an evening of good humour, company and a wee swally. Saturday I joined my very good friend Gill Colgan et al for a fun filled evening. We all met at her her house which was inundated with us girlies for a celebratory drink. Off for a Chinese meal in Port Seton. After this took place, our pink hummer 15 seater limo arrived! What an absolute hoot we all had! Gill was very overcome as she hadn't had a clue we had done this for her. After the limo, we landed in her dad's pub in Haddington then back in Tranent.

At the last event Gill, some of the same girls and I got together was another good one. Gill and I are lovers of soul and northern soul music and dancing to those tunes and shuffling to 'Uptown Festival' is our party pieces. So at that event, Gill and I got up to northern soul then a wee while later, shuffled to Uptown Festival. Gill felt a 'snap' effect in her leg and that was her incapacitated for the evening. Heck that was Gill incapacitated for a good few weeks including her 40th b'day bash with her leg encased in plaster. Poor Gill had torn her achilles tendon - if anyone was to have this to happen to - should've been me - really overweight and totally unfit. But it was Gill it happened to - no more party pieces for us two!!

For a while, I was kinda dreading my 40th which will be next year only cos I am getting old[aren't we all eh? LOL] I was convinced I wasn't wanting to make a big thing of it but seeing as I have had so much fun along with other people enjoying 40th birthdays, I have changed my mind for my 40th birthday. Wee Hels is having a 40th birthday party next year - yee haw! :o)

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