Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Meeting up with old friends

Linda aged around 16: Me aged 16:
Linda and I: Pauline, Linda and I:

Well, it was like going back to when I was in high school LOL!! Early on in the year, I bumped into Pauline, an old chum from high school days - it was the 1st time really since we left school! We swapped tel nos but a few months along the line, neither of us got in touch. I have just been extremely busy of late so eventually got in touch with Pauline - we were on the phone for well over an hour and Pauline invited me to her daughter's 21st. It seems surreal to be my age and have a child of 21 yrs - it is difficult enough to come to terms with having a daughter who will be 16 soon and will be going into 5th year after the summer hols! Anyways through various other channels, I managed to get in touch with another of the girls from high school days whom I had bumped into once since leaving school. So we both attended the 21st.

Both Pauline and Linda haven't changed. Just a wee bit older - much like myself LOL!

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