Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Crimbo Update

Hope you all had a good Christmas all you peeps out there!
I certainly did ;o) We started Christmas morning at 6.50 am our time with a telephone call from my uncle John in Oz which was lovely though quite early LOL!!
Kids loved their pressies - they all got what they wanted with the exception of the Nintendo Wii - cos that was for the whole family :o) Got guitar hero for the Wii [not yet played it] seeing as I had been playing Guitar Hero on the PS2 heh heh heh!!
Kids got me Lacoste "pink" perfume along with new earphones for listening to music on the PC - yay!! Got a fabby new purse from BIL, fabby new handbag from the PIL, got a couple of new CD albums to fire on the PC and then onto my IPOD - Kings of Leon, Pink, and Nickleback. BUT the bestest pressie I got was my Nikon DSLR + 2 lenses [big thanks to hubby!!]. Got my eye on another lens but I'll need to sell my bridge camera and it's additional lens/accs to compensate- but hey I can cope with that LOL!!

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Mar G said...

Fab pressies Hels :) look forward to seeing all the great pics you take with you new Nikon!
We've got a family Wii too but....its only the boys who can play Guitar Hero! (Bobby & I are rubbish at it) Lol x