Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I've done it!!!!!

On Monday 24th August, 2009 - I sat my driving test and passed - YAY!!! It still hasn't sunk in - only due to the fact I haven't been able to drive at all :o( for the moment. I am gutted to say the least. Hubby enquired about getting me on the insurance to drive the Ford Mondeo we have and apparently even at my age [39 - gulp!], it is still quite a bit expensive to get me on the insurance - he fell at that first hurdle. I am not a happy camper! Even if I did get on the insurance, I feel it is just too big for me to drive in - I'm not quite 5 foot tall and to me this is quite a big car!! Hubby's 6 ft 3"

We also have a SORN Ford Escort sitting in the driveway. This I have had to push my hubby into getting sorted for me. Yesterday he actually got the bonnet open and charged up the battery! Today he started it up and it started 1st time apparently. That sounds promising or does it? LOL. Stewart says there is a lot of work needed to be done on it to get it back on the road. I'm kinda wishing I'd just saved up to buy a wee jalopy now cos it'll winter time before I'll probs get round to driving. I've been learning to drive since March this year so he's had plenty of time to tinker about on it - quite a sore point I've had to raise with him!

Anyways - you are never too old to learn to drive!!

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