Friday, 4 December 2009

Oooh heck!!

I've been extremely busy since I passed my driving test plus having little spates of 'lost mojo' etc in the last couple of months. You crafty people will know what I am on about!! Having lost my mojo, has meant I haven't really been spending much time online either - not like me at all. I'm the woman who feels one of her limbs have been chopped off whenever I haven't had my daily internet fix. Hopefully my mojo is starting to creep back a wee bit.
Up until about 4 weeks ago, I'd not really had much opportunity over the last couple of months to put my new driving skills to practice. It had been 4 weeks following the passing of my driving test that I eventually managed to get out and drive the Mondeo of all cars. I must have taken my bravery tablets that morning cos it went from bad to worse on that maiden journey completely finished off with someone who overtook me at the entrance of the car park!! I had stopped to let the school kids cross the entrance as they had the 'right of way' only I hadn't moved fast enough for another female motorist who assumed wrongly that I had indicated to park up on the left which was all wrong as I knew I would have been too close to the car park entrance. It could only happen to me - if I didn't have any bad luck, I'd definitely have no luck at all LOL!! It would be another 4 weeks before I got to drive over a couple of days whilst the car was in the garage getting fixed.
So not too great a start to my driving career and a painful excess of £400 to fork out.

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