Saturday, 12 December 2009

A blog award!

How fabby is it to receive an award?

I received this award from Mar who has recently came back to the world of blogging - please take a wee look - Mar is remarkable woman. Mar's absence has been sorely missed but only due to the fact that having recently undergone intensive back surgery and and now in rehabilitation, no wonder Mar hasn't been around on the net too much. Glad to see you return and blogging honey!!

I have to list 5 things I like doing & then pass the award on to 5 blogging friends.
  1. Spending time with my family

  2. Crafting now that my mojo has returned!

  3. Driving now that I have recently passed my test and got "Cilla"

  4. Spending time with friends

  5. Listening to my Ipod

Now to award 5 of my friends:

  • Denise - see her blog here
  • Monica - see her blog here
  • Emma - see her blog here
  • Alex - see her blog here
  • Denise - see her blog here

Very inspirational blogs - and very talented ladies - enjoy!


Emma said...

Oooh thanks so much for your award -I am so glad you popped by as your blog is lovely . Thanks so much for your award- I love your tees :d

Emma xxx

Alex said...


Thank you for thinking of me for this Blog Award :)

Have a good weekend.

Alex x

Denise said...

Cheers my dears - that was a nice surprise.
Glad you are back to your blogging again :)