Tuesday, 8 December 2009

My 40th Birthday!

Yep!! On 31st October 2009, it was my 40th Birthday!!
I had planned to have a birthday bash [party] but with having various other demands on our finances, it was perhaps best not to have a party [I really needed a real good knees up]. Instead my friend Suzanne had organised a wee "quiet" drink with the girls and had invited me on the evening before - I had just assumed it was just a night out with the girlies. How wrong was I?! We all met up in "Keepers" in Tranent for a blether and a wee drink. Only the girls had presented a fabulous chocolat birthday cake in the shape of a champagne bottle with lit candles and the pub went TOTALLY quiet whilst they sang "Happy Birthday" to me!! My wee face was buzzin' red so it was LOL!!! A really nice surprise!! The girls also presented a birthday card with a fair bit of money enclosed - I was geniuinely gobsmacked as I hadn't really expected it. The girls said that they could have gotten me a present for my 40th but also knew I hankered after a wee car for myself. It was suggested that I could put the money towards a wee car - and that's exactly what I did a little later on!!
I received lovely gifts in the form of a litre bottle of whiskey from Ethan, one of Marianne's chums; an Amazon gift voucher from Lynne and Sarah from work [including a box of choccies] - I managed to buy a basic Sat Nav with this; Money from my eldest sister Joyce; lovely sparkly earrings from my sister Laura, Jamie and the kids; A miniature bottle of Grouse Whiskey with a couple of chocs and engraved "Famous Grouse" whiskey glass from Jude & Co; A gorgeous little heart pendant necklace from Denise and Dan; A gorgeous heart pendant necklace from Fiona, Scott and kids; A gorgeous butterfly pendant necklace from my mum and dad along with a litre bottle of Grouse + they very generously took Stewart, me and the kids out for a terrific celebratory meal; my favourite Cerrutti 1881 perfume from the kids; a stress-reducing kit from Sharon, David and Ruaridh; I received a beautiful silver necklace and matching earrings from my parents-in-law. Last but not least, my wee car - a combined 40th B'day gift from Stewart and all the birthday monies I had received.

Many, many thanks to you all!!

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Mar G said...

Didn't you do well...Loving 'Cilla' she's a wee smasher...! :-) x