Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Crimbo Tree is Up!

I'd promised the kids that I'd get the Christmas tree up on Sunday but due to the time I spent at work on Sunday, it was too late to start setting up. So the kids were happy with my suggestion that if I built up the tree in time for them finishing school for the day - they could dress it up.
It's an 8 foot tree so I could only get so much of the tree in shot but was too lazy to go look out the wide angle lens!

Without camera flash:
With camera flash:


Mar G said...

Hey Missus - Thanks for your lovely comment :-) I hope you are all well?
Your tree is looking braw...We've yet to buy ours...Thinking maybe on Sunday ;-)
Away to have a wee read at your blog & catch up...I know its late :-/ My sleep pattern has never been right since I had my op! Chat soon - Mar x

Mar G said...

Have left you a wee something on my blog...! x