Friday, 11 April 2014

The humble envelope

I recall making these a few years back - though I had my special trimmer which doubled as a scorer if the blade was removed [I now use that at work as we don't have access to any paper trimmers or guillotines].  Only trouble is, I could not for the life of me, find what I was looking for on my own blog though I pretty sure I did a project and loaded on here - ho hum I am simply a little rusty finding my way round my own blog!

Back to where I was - I started off with the above C5 sized envelope. Sealed the opening and then trimmed it off as it was not required nor part of the design.  Scored a certain width on the 3 remaining edges and 'moulded' into shape to get the block base bag effect.

Create an embellishment using patterned cardstock to the width of the'bag', stamp some accents and secure with double sided sticky tape or the ATG gun which is very handy!

I bought a couple of bags of chocolate eggs that you can buy for and Easter egg hunt....and filled these bags with some of those eggs.

I am hoping the above photo turns the right way round as blogger isnt playing ball or it is simply something I am not doing right as this pic was edited and showing as portrait orientation.

Here is one not so girly!

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