Thursday, 3 July 2008

Scott May's Daredevil Stunt Show, Musselburgh

We decided last night to go and see the above show in Musselburgh at the fireworks field. The tickets weren't too expensive we thought and they were worth every penny!

There were quite a few special effects with bangs etc. When the driver of this escort had 'landed' on 4 wheels, it landed with such a bang right in front of me I almost had an accident - I think the driver knew cos he was laughing his head off LOL!!

We had arrived pretty early to grab a good viewpoint and found this chap just standing at the embankment. My first candid shot of a stranger I think LOL!!

This 7.5T lorry almost never made it! The grass surface makes stunts likes these trickier as there is no grip for the tyres to adhere to. 1st shot up the 'ramp' to get on 2 wheels wasn't successful as it landed on the 4 wheels not long after. 2nd attempt was better, however it was a bit 'hairy' to say the least as the lorry wobbled a fair bit and the audience including ourselves, thought it was going to land on its side!

Oops! - I almost forgot out this shot!

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jay670120 said...

Wow i love the bike and the fire photo . some of these stunts look like the stunt men must be NUTS !!!!