Monday, 7 July 2008

A wee chuckle for the day!

This joke was sent to my by Elaine [you know who you are hun *waves* hello] this morning. I almost lost a mouthful of coffee LOL!!
Mammogram results:
A woman in her fifties is at home happily jumping unclothed, on her bed and squealing with delight. Her husband watches her for a while and asks, 'Do you have any idea How
ridiculous you look? What's the matter with you?'

The woman continues to bounce on the bed and says, 'I don't care what you think, I just came from having a mammogram, and the doctor says that not only am I healthy, but I have the breasts of an 18 year-old.'

The husband replies, 'What did he say about your 55-year old arse?'

She replied, 'Your name never came up.'

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Patrick said...

Helen, hello. It is only I, Patrick from Melbourne. I have written a couple of emails to yahoo and wondered if your computer was still broken. Just wanted to let you know we will be in Scotland in early October and will send a few days in Edinburgh. I've got the St Joseph school contact details you sent and will make sure I use them. If you want to catch up let me know, however, I can see you are a busy lass.

bye for now