Monday, 28 July 2008

Wot U up to?

Woops!! Sorry, I've been awfy busy of late to be keeping up with my blog!

We are into our 5th week of the summer hols - I can't believe it's going so fast LOL! So here are a few 'taster' photos I've captured over the last few weeks.

Horses in the paddock, Elphinstone, E.Lothian:

Here's looking at you kid!

Just testing apertures and DOF here:

Visited the Blair Drummond Safari park with the kids summer playscheme [cheers Dawn :o) ]

I managed to capture this image through the safety glass/perspex:

Thistle: Captured from one of our E. Lothian beach pathways:

Another image captured from one of our E.Lothian beaches; our dog with Berwick Law in the background:

A steam engine captured in the NMS, Chamber St. Edinburgh:

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