Thursday, 15 January 2009

Sweet 16

A small invite collection: Back of 'library ticket' invite:

One of the male guests invite:
One of the female guests invite:
Rear of library ticket holder:
Some text content of invitation:
Collection of invites + rear versions + ticket holders:
It's hard to believe that our eldest, Marianne will be 16 yrs old on the 26th of this month!! Rather than have a party, we agreed with Marianne to have some of her friends over for a get-together and sleepover. I've already booked my annual leave for that weekend so will have lots to do nearer the time.


Mar G said...

Love the invitations Hels espec the cupcake image with the candle....I admired that on your FIL's card too! ;)
(Is that from 'Stampin Up'?)
Oh you are brave woman having a get-together & 16th sleepover....Glad you've booked AL cos I so think you'll need it! (Lol) x

Mar G said...

Hey Missus - Have left you a wee something on my blog! x

Jenni Hamilton said...

These are fab, hope you don't mind if I bookmark as I'd love to try something similar sometime.
Jenni x

Wee Hels said...

Hiya Jenni

Thanks for your kind comments! :o) No, of course I don't mind you bookmarking - made my day! Take care xx