Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sweet 16th b'day

The event went really well with the exception of a 'scary neighbour' accusing 1 of the teenagers of doing something quite minor. Adults were stuffed full as I had made haggis tatties and neeps, homemade vegetable soup, homemade chicken curry, baked tatties etc, paninis, pizza and various nibbles etc. I only had around 3 drinks maximum due to having the cooking to do and managed to only desecrate 1 pizza which resembled a Frisbee LOL!! My backache had thankfully eased somewhat on Saturday so managed the cooking and hostessing okay. It wasn't until teatime on Sunday that the remaining teens had left after I fed them of course!! Looked forward to bedtime as my backache was back with a vengeance!
Probs the first time we've ever had a party like it [though had a few kiddies b'day and Halloween parties though!] or as many peeps in the house as it was a full hoose LOL!!

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Mar G said...

Glad it went well apart from the 'scary neighbour' incident. Bet everybody enjoyed the grub that was on offer?
Lol at your frisbee pizza :)