Monday, 4 January 2010

Jammin' on Christmas Day

Belated Christmas cheer to all my readers - many thanks and lots of appreciation for stopping by to read and keep up with my blog! I hope the festive period has been kind to you and you have enjoyed sharing with friends and/or family!! Thoughts went to families and friends who are no longer here.......
Just as Christmas was fast approaching, it was equally fast departing LOL ........
Photos above taken of my youngest 2 kids jammin' away on the XBox World Tour Band thingummy game....... I had a go at the singing - but it certainly wasn't quite as easy as it looks - gimme the PS2 Singstar any day LOL!!
The kids didn't get as much this year - partly due to gaining a lot over the previous years and partly due to the fact that my kids' birthdays sit around lateish November, late January and mid-February time and partly due to lack of funds this year - money isn't everything but special people and family means EVERYTHING.
Oh but we must not forget this having being a 'proper' white Christmas in a very long time indeed - really special - I am just wishing I had managed to capture an image on Christmas day just like I had planned - inevitably, I didn't manage to get round to it with getting dinner etc organised.

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