Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sledging in a fashion!

We decided to take advantage of the weather conditions and take the kids sledging [or is it sledding?]. Only we didn't have proper sledges but used old trays instead - I remember the days of whirling down hills on old metal baking sheets or trays!! My nephew came with us and the 3 kids seemed to have a fab time whirling down the slope in the 'Pans.


Mar G said...

Fab pics :-)
Looks like the kids had a ball...Bet the trays were excellent for speed ;-)
Robbie & Rory are using an empty Ikea box for sledging just now...We have a great sledging hill here in West Calder but its only accessible on foot & its too far for me to walk just now...Hoping Bobby will maybe take the camera out tomorrow & take pics!

Cath x said...

Brilliants photos!