Thursday, 21 January 2010

Slow Cooking Recipes - Netmums

I'd received an Amazon gift voucher from my work colleagues and thought I'd check out the site after receiving an email from Amazon regarding their deals on electricals.

Wow!! I've managed to buy a 6 portion "Entertaining and Cafe" George Foreman which also looks like a sandwich press for just £32.00 from Amazon!! That's a fantastic price considering it would cost us between £60 and £70 to replace the "seen better days" model we currently have. The non-stick has now rubbed off - can't complain as the GF has been used regularly and with a family of 5 ........ To overcome the failure of the 'non-stick' coating, I've been using those sheets you can buy - you know, same material that makes those "pop in the toaster" style sandwich bags. Anyways, I'll be glad when that arrives - no more scrubbing of the old one. I now need to do some research in how to get rid of it - it certainly does not belong in the wheely bin!! That's what I've gone and used my voucher on - yeah I know what a boring thing to buy but I am trying to be practical and at that price I couldn't afford not to buy the GF LOL!!
Another purchase I made was of a larger, 6.5 litre slow cooker - again from Amazon for a bargain price of £22.99!! I've discovered a UK site which is for mums - this site has an array of information etc including recipes for a slow cooker or "crock pot" as it is also known as. You can find the Netmums site here.

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Mar G said...

Ooh sounds like you've grabbed yourself a bargain with the new GF :-) I don't know much about them cos we've never owned one...Will watch your posts with interest to see what tasty dishes you are cooking at 'Chez Forlow'...Been looking at all your beautiful baby creations for inspiration as I have a new baby girl card to try & make over the weekend :-/
I have NO mojo though :-(
Making an effort to bring all my kit out tomorrow so I can set to work...Have a good weekend & I hope wee Cilla is back on the road soon - Mar x