Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dunbar on Sunday

Dunbar Harbour:

A few nets stockpiled:

Newish lobster pots piled up:

Close-up of draw-bridge cog wheel:

In the distance - Bass Rock:
Algae on the wall:
It was quite a nice day on Sunday - Hubby took the kids and our nephew swimming to Dunbar pool. I couldn't go as I was in agony with my gammy knee - there's no way I could have gone in or out of the pool gracefully. I would have been terrified if I had to move a certain way to get in safely only for my back to be put out again! I took my DSLR with me as I haven't really left the house without it - correction I have been housebound for a while due to my back + sickly kiddies. At least it got me outta the house and also an opportunity to use the new camera. Some of the images I took were literally *pants* quality - due to the fact I was using my new Sigma 17-70mm 1:2.8-4.5 lens which does not auto-focus. I knew that it would probs take me a while to get used to using the manual focusing malarky.

Tonight I’ve just pre-ordered an AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G lens which will autofocus on the Nikon D40 – yay!!

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Mar G said...

Great pics of Dunbar & the kids, they look SO healthy with their rosey cheeks! :-)
Would you believe we were there on Saturday?
Didn't go swimming but drove down to the harbour & then went for our tea to Umberto's on the High St!
I've got a gorgeous collage picture of the Bass Rock on our living room wall, its by an artist called Lynne Kerr. Bobby bought it for my Christmas 2 years ago from Tippecanoe, also on Dunbar High St! :-)
Oh your new lens sounds very high tech? :-/ Lol