Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Kids and illnesses!

What a time we've had of late with regards to illnesses! What with me and my sore back, then it was Ali's 'turn' to fall ill with a viral infection and an associated rash - poor wee mite!! We didn't get out much during our school February break due to her not feeling too great. We did manage 1 day to get out however - to the cinema. We went to see "Madagascar 2" which was pretty funny. The cinema was totally quiet - only around 20 peeps maximum in the cinema that day. Perhaps this was due to the fact that East Lothian schools have had their holidays out of sync from other authorities.
By the time the kids were due to return to school, Ali still hadn't improved - she returned to school on the Wednesday for her school trip only to be exhausted when she got home - she didn't have much of an appetite either. Seems this viral illness took the wind out of her. On the actual day of return to school [Tuesday] wee Stewart complained of having a sore throat [this was evident upon him talking] and his rash was raging compared to what Ali's was. Fluctuating temps. Anther child's trip to the doc's and voila, he has tonsilitis. It took around 2 days following that for his meds to kick in with apparent improvement. Thankfully by the weekend both Ali and Stewart were a lot better - I promised them another trip to the cinema. We went to see "Hotel for Dogs" - different! A good humoured family entertaining movie I thought. Kids and I enjoyed that.

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Mar G said...

Glad Ali & Stewart are both better now :-)
Oh its been bugs galore in our house too. Raging temps, sickness & sore heads! (The joys)
Robbie has only returned to school this morning, off Mon/Tues after falling off his bmx going over a stunt ramp on Sunday, poor scone his buttocks were grazed red raw! :-O