Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fries to go anyone?

Hand-cut and stamped French fries cartons made into party bags:

How about using one of these as a template to make into something else?

That's exactly what I did! Something a little different from the ordinary I thought. I used normal/basic cardstock, opened up the above packaging, traced round the carton 10 times. Used my scoring tools to make creases at appropriate points. To get the curved effect, I used my scoring pen, a CD and the reverse side of a mouse mat and 'scored' the cut-outs where the curves were to be placed. Using various stamps from my SU collection, I stamped randomly over the cardstock with a stamped centre piece as a focal point. I then used my ATG glue gun at the securing points/edges and then shaped and secured the carton.

I then filled the bottom of the cartons with scrunched up tissue paper, then inserted a little note pad, 2 glittery pencils, drumstick lollipop, 'Hello Kitty' body lotion, bar of chocolate and a chunky glo-stick and some 'happy birthday' confetti.

Using my kitchen heat sealer and florist's cellophane wrap, I made custom sized bags to fit these filled cartons. I then sealed the bags by tying curling ribbon.


denise said...

WOW they're fab Hels, you would never have guessed the template is from mickey d's lol.have a great weekend.DENISE X

Lainy's Little Blog said...

These are brilliant, Hels. What a great idea. Those cartons have brought back memories as I worked in McD's as a student many years ago!! Great gifts, really different. Hope you are well. Hugs, Lainy xxx

Mar G said...

Aw WOW Hels, what great party bags :-)
Gorgeous designs on them too....Bet the kids love them?
VERY Well Done Missus x
Ps - Was that a used McD's carton or did you ask them for a new one? (I've got a bit of an OCD thing & knowing my luck I'd probably get my nice papers all greasy spots!) Pmsl x

Kit said...

what a fantastic idea, never thought to use existing packaging as a template, very ingenious

Best Wishes Kit x