Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Old blogs of interest

I took time last night to take a look at the blogs that I used to visit in the early days of running this blog and oh my goodness - I've culled quite a lot of links to blogs!  A real shame too as there were very interesting and very inspirational blogs out there!  But having said that, life and work and perhaps change of circumstances has a habit of getting in the way of things and keeping on top of a blog is one of the things to go by the way side.  That's what's happened to me.  Despite the hours I work, I seem to be more determined in fitting some crafting in.  I suppose too, people's interests in crafts may have taken a different turn for peeps - scrapbooking is another hobby I love but I haven't done that for sooooo long.  BUT I am guilty of buying scrap pads of paper or cardstock and new dies or embellishments without truly having the time to do anything with them except admire them.......

Oh how I do long for my craft shed in the garden but ho hum once again, the finances I managed to ear mark for initiating the project ie groundworks prepared etc, something else has come along and knocked my karma into need the funds to pay for other important things in life.  

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