Thursday, 24 March 2016

OMG - what a wonderful thing to do!

A while back I took part in an online photography course when I first got my bridge camera, it was with a lady called Cheryl Johnson.  Some scrappers [ie scrap bookers] who were also members of site where Cheryl [also a fellow scrapbooker] progressed and concentrated on her love for photography which became a business for her.  I have just discovered that she no longer keeps her blog,  which is sad as she has some excellent work there.  I have discovered she is on facebook and has branched into neonatal photography, specialising in still births or where parents are aware their baby won't survive and prepare for the sad outcome.  Cheryl took an interest in this particularly where she recalls her close friend gave birth to a still born on Christmas Day 25 years ago.  The one and only photograph her friend had of her baby was on a polaroid and it wasnt a particularly good one but it was still a precious photograph.  The lady went on to have other babies and over time she wanted to enlarge the only photograph she had and put it on display.  

"Remember My Baby" was created and lots of professional photographers volunteer to take photos of the families and babies to create lasting and treasured memories of their little loved ones.  Take a look here.  Stunning work and memories for the families.......