Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Sunday Road Trip to Queensferry, Limekiln and Charlestown

As it was such a beautiful day on Sunday, even though I am still hobbling about with a crutch just now.... the weather was just too good to be sat couped up at home.  Mr A and I started off at South Queensferry which very very busy with the usual tourists, some who had their dogs [who, incidentally, were taking their humans for a walk!] and loads of bikers, we decided to take ourselves off to the other side.  There are 3 bridges in the above shot [albeit one of them in construction stages...].

As you can see from this image, there is not a huge distance between the north end and this cantilever:

We drove to Limekiln:  

who pulled the plug out?

And we travelled on to Charlestown which was an enchanting wee place: 

When we started off our wee walk down into the residential area [lovely huge houses with verandas and some overlooking the sea.......  when we discovered this:

Even with my limited knowledge of rail tracks etc [thank you dad], this enticed us to keep on walking to find some sort of rail track and we were not disappointed as you can see:

 Some of the views from the waterfront down by the rail tracks.

one of the harbours in Charlestown:

We had discovered the kilns here just as we were about to exit the West Harbour Road

Mr Grouse/Pheasant and his brothers were fair strutting their stuff all over the place:

 On our walk back to the car, I spotted some lovely flourishing purple heather and lots of bee activity:

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