Monday, 25 May 2015

Nappy cake - baby girl

I was asked to do this as a commission from a member of staff at my NHS place  of work.  Those who know me know I only charge the cost of the ingredients and materials used.  It's not a business this is a hobby I enjoy! 

A small version of nappy cakes I make - a small 2-tier with "ingredients" as follows: 

13 x nappies (4-9 kg/9-20 lbs)
2 x washcloths
2 x waterproof Velcro release bibs
2 pairs scratch mitts
1 x "I love mummy" tee shirt (3-6 months)
1 x popper vest (3-6 months)
1 x Johnson & Johnson Baby Bath
1 x Johnson & Johnson Baby Talc
1 x Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo
1 x Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion
1 x Johnson & Johnson Barrier Cream
1 x Teething soother (store in fridge kind)
1 x pair of socks (cake topper)
1 x grooming set comprising: scissors, nail clippers and hair brush 
2 x muslin squares 

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