Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ali at the skatepark

A quiet moment:
In monotone - on the ramps:
In colour - on the ramps:
We had promised to take Alwynne to the skate park when there was a weekend I wasn't working which was weekend just past. It's my wee boy's 11th birthday tomorrow and we had a sleepover at the weekend hence my not being at work. Anyways, had time on Sunday afternoon to take her to a skate park not far from us. It was a wee bit daunting for her as there were kids just doing their stunts in their in-line skates just a wee bit too fast! She did okay considering but to be honest, probably felt a bit self conscious as a newbie!

1 comment:

Mar G said...

Is Alwynne a skater girl then?
Love the monotone pics - Well Done!
Did the birthday boy have a theme for his sleepover?