Friday, 28 November 2008

Hectic goings on!

I can't believe just how quickly Christmas is coming in. It'll be here before we know it. Have I done any shopping? Only a little. Trying not to go too mad spending as my hubby has taken redundancy. I say taken redundancy, purely because he would have worked his socks off until the end of the year/early 2009 just as he has done, except more particularly in the past 18 months working longer hours all in association with a relocation. The company are relocating and, currently making redundancies. For the existing workers who will be 'kept' in employment, to be transferred will be receiving new contracts - that's a joke. And for what? Only to feel used, and hugely let down + a reduction in salary - after him working for 17 yrs in the same place. I can't say too much "just in case" or the legal eagles will come back and bite me on the bum LOL!! Scenario: new contract received 1 Friday with new T&C + details of reduced salary to commence a week later!! Not much time to be consulted is it? So, hubby feeling the way as described above, took the redundancy. All in a week's work! I can't say I blame him. We are all going to enjoy spending more time as a family - more than we have probably done in the last 18 mths to 2 yrs I suspect! As long as something 'turns up' soon for him jobwise [he has been looking and applying] hopefully we will be okay.

On the other hand, the poor bloke has hardly seen me this week really! I am currently 1 of the school fundraising organisers and we have a HUGE Christmas market which is being held next Wednesday. There is so much involved behind the scenes with this and I've also been preparing for our Parent Council meeting [I am secretary] - so been really busy!!


Mar G said...

Fingers crossed that something turns up for your hubby soon Hels ;)
Don't blame him either for taking his redundancy....No more thought of after working hard & showing loyalty for 17 years! (Disgusting & so typical in today's throw away society)
I've hardly done any shopping either as I can't get in the mood yet & if I don't get my ar** in gear & make my cards soon I'll miss the last posting days!!!

Dawn said...

The best of luck to your husband finding a job.
A real cheek to be offered a reduction in salary.
HOpe with him being there a long time he got a huge redundancy.