Saturday, 8 November 2008

Fireworks display

I played around with the speed settings on the camera and achieved different results - unfortunately I had to keep wiping the lens as it was raining so there are rain drops on the images :o(
In the run-up to our authority organised fireworks night, our local primary schools take part in making lanterns for the parade. My son's class did it last year as it is a primary 6 activity. This year there was a call-out for stewards to help out on the night. LOL guess who volunteered? Yep - moi! So last night [Friday] I helped escort the children up to the required area of the field. Unfortunately the weather was absolutely *pants*. It rained. The bonfire proved difficult to ignite. The fireworks however were good though! Just a shame the field ended up to be a muddy nightmare, it was that muddy a few folks landed on their butts it was so slippy!

1 comment:

Mar G said...

Wow great pics Hels! :)
Hope you had your wellies on last night?
Bet the kids enjoyed the bonfire & fireworks even although it was raining!