Saturday, 8 November 2008

Oh so busy, so busy me dear!

LOL!! Not been able to do any crafting whatsoever this week!
I've been totally involved with school related stuff this week. Myself and Sharon volunteered as parent helpers for our boys who are in P7, on a field trip to East Fortune. They are currently learning about WWII and what it was like to live in those days. We had to practice drill and know to curl up on the floor and protect ourselves when the air raid siren went off!! My mind kinda wandered when we were doing drill and I got the moves all wrong at one point - should I really be admitting that I was in the RAF cadets as a teenager and we did drill regularly?!! When that siren went off, I had to stop myself laughing - no not at the sound of it or how the kids were getting on, I was laughing at myself - I just couldn't land on the floor or rise from it gracefully! I am so overweight and so unfit!! So guess what I want to be doing come January? Yep get myself sorted weight and fitness wise!
That same night we attended a training session to do with health and safety/risk assessment which was interesting. We had to know what we needed to do from a fundraising point of view. I am secretary to our parent council plus active fundraising member of the subgroup too - there are never enough hours and never a dull moment!
I spent Wednesday getting all the paperwork printed off and display titles organised - these relate to our parent council and fundraisng group which took a good while to do. Then again on Thursday, Sharon and I were in school in the morning to sort our display boards, photos etc ready in preparation for our school christmas pudding tasting session on Friday morning which went very well indeed!!

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Mar G said...

Good on you Hels being so involved with the school....More folk should help out. I'm on the parent council for Rory's school, we are meeting on Tues (11th) night & I do my fair share of parent helping.
(Tends to be the same folk all the time!)
I'm laughing at you doing the drill & trying to curl up (Lol) I'm about as graceful as a Clydesdale & when Robbie (oldest son) was at primary school, I used to go ski-ing with the P6's & P7's to Hillend every Thursday....OMG I used to fall down on that slope like a bag o tatties! (NO wonder my back is knackered?) Lol x