Saturday, 1 November 2008

Halloween = my birthday!

Hi folks
Hope you all had a good Halloween! I know I had! I also had one of the best birthdays in my puff too! :o)
Family, the girls in SWOT [school fundraising group], Kirsteen and Kerryanne [you know who you are girlies!] just made it one of my most memorable birthdays! I was laden with cards and lovely gifts from the girls. My prescribed medicinal 'bottle' from Sharon had me in hoots with the 'script' instructions. We usually have our fundraising meetings on a Friday in the school and this is where I was presented with all this AND in the staff room at break time, they surprised me with a full room of staff, us and a birthday cake with lit candles! Just a terrific bunch o' girlies! Many, many thanks for that - really made my year!

We spent the afternoon for a wee whilie at Chelsea's birthday party - though regrettably we had to scoot off as the kids and myself had a cinema date with High School Musical 3! Anyone seen that yet? It's the best out of the 3! What a fabby day!

I had made these for the kids to give to a couple of chums, I also gave some to the girlies and the kids' 3 teachers for Halloween!


Mar G said...

Belated 'Happy Birthday' wishes Hels!
Glad to read you had a good day & that the girlies surprised you & gave you plenty laughs :)
Love your Halloween bags & think I may attempt to make something similar next year!
So were you singing along to High School Musical 3? Lol x

denise said...

Hi Hels, fab blog as usual. Yeah i went on the opening(Friday 25th) night in Glasgow with Lynsey, Rebecca & Stephanie we had a great night & all the kids were dancing at the front it was a great atmosphere there & loved the film. Denise x