Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Blender Banana Loaf

The girls and I met at Sheila's house on Saturday night for a blether and a wee drink. What a hoot we all had. One of the girls brought in her offering of a banana loaf. Sadly the loaf had totally sunk in the middle of of it!! Poor 'S' has always been successful at baking - this was an unfortunate result of perhaps too many bananas and then took in good humour, the flak we all delivered! Apparently 'S' had tried my method of firing everying in the mixing bowl/food processor and "going for it" so-to-speak!! I did promise the girls my recipe so thought I would put it here too for those who wish to try it! It's not too bad for sugar/fat content so a wee bit healthier than most recipes! Enjoy! PS - if anyone wishes a PDF [best quality] version, please email me here and place Blender Banana Loaf in the subject box!

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