Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Driving Lesson #7 - 2 hrs

Well what a fabby lesson I had on Friday past! On and off the bypass/A1, did roundabouts again! Donna took me through to Rosewell to a wee car park to practice 'bay parking'. Talk about a *pants* effort LOL!! Getting the co-ordination, trying to remember to observe all round, getting the wheel moving fast whilst clutch control and movement of the car slow! Apparently if you get this in the practical test, even if you are in the parking bay squint and between the appropriate lines, it will be a 'pass'.
Next week we are going to do the reverse round the corner maneouvre - I am hoping that doing that maneouvre will make things click into place for me with regards getting the hang of bay parking LOL!! Only time will tell. Anyways, it seems the 2 hours just flee by and more is accomplished. Already looking forward to the next lesson! Need to swat up on the highway code though - that's another story LOL!!

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Dawn said...

Good you arre enjoying it,I love driving.
Just think you can go to Ikea or anywhere, you fancy whenever you want when you pass.