Friday, 3 April 2009

Driving Lesson #5

Today's lesson was fine - except for an error I made! Although not a HUGE error, it was enough to spook me for the rest of the lesson and my confidence took a wee knock.

We were approaching a junction - nothing odd about that. The road we were actually on was a sloping road and therefore on the approach to the junction, I had been using the breaks gradually and then changed gear accordingly. What I forgot to do was to continue depressing the breaks slightly whilst dropping gear so inevitably the car went at a further speed than it should have done!! My foot was resting on the break pedal but it wasn't actually doing anything!

It kinda panicked me and then I started to ask myself what I had to do next to do regards to using the breaks, clutch and speed at junctions, going round corners. This way of thinking just was not good at all seeing as before I was fine using the break and clutch on the approach to junctions and turning corners.

Och well, we all have a bad day or lesson from time to time and sometimes we need it to keep us on the ball so to speak! I've booked a double lesson for next week - a whole 2 hours! We'll see how I get on then and if need be, subsequent lessons will be booked for 1½ hours instead!

Now then, where did I put my bravery tablets? .....................................

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