Friday, 24 April 2009

Driving Lesson #8 [2 hrs]

Well, what a fabby lesson today! Nerve wracking though but still a hoot! Today I managed to do a couple of turns in the road [3 point turns to the long established drivers] - considering its been a few weeks since I last did my turn-in-the-road. With having no instruction or reminder on what to do, I surprised myself by knowing how to do it LOL!
Next task was parallel parking. That's when you have to park behind a parked car making sure your car is straight but not too near nor too far away from the kerb. I understand using 'focal points' such as in lining up mirrors with the other car's bumper to allow positioning. But WOW!! trying to keep the car moving very slowly AND turning that steering wheel to be in the correct position! That's okay if the road you are on doesn't particularly 'bank' but when it does, using the break too! I used an unusual phrase to describe myself and laughed about it - in turn making Donna laugh too! My word - what an 'experience' I must be LOL!!!
Anyway, its all good!

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