Saturday, 14 March 2009

2nd Driving Lesson

I couldn't tell you if it is exactly the same as this but it looks just like the one i am learning to drive in!

I enjoyed yesterday's lesson strangely enough! With it being my 2nd lesson, it was a challenge driving up Church St in Tranent meeting the mini roundabout, through main street of Tranent [which can be "hairy" at times traffic-wise!], through past Carlaverock, then Ormiston [a wee village], Pencaitland, through New Winton [another couple of wee villages] and back to Tranent. A few country roads I'd driven along - it was like a magical mystery tour LOL!! My driving instructor Donna, bless her, doesn't know Tranent all that well and was relying on me to know where we were going. It's funny when you are a passenger, you don't really need to *think* about your route cos your driver's taking care of that. It certainly had me on my toes trying think where roads lead to!

Donna was chuffed I managed to get up to 3rd gear without having to rely on her prompting me which she says was good in itself that I didn't need to ask! Admittedly I stalled the car about 3 times - apparently its difficult to stall a diesel - but ho hum I didn't panic which was the main thing I suppose. I am okay on the moving off and actual driving but dinnae ask me to stop heh heh heh - that just confuddles me from time to time LOL!! It seems I managed very well considering I had a lot to be aware about!

I even overcame some roadworks. Boy oh boy - why do other drivers overtake learners at lights? How on earth did they start to learn to drive? - on a racing circuit? - I'll bet not!

Anyways, I'll keep posting here how I am getting on with my driving lessons! Thanks for reading this!


Denise said...

hey Helen good for you sounds like you are doing quite a lot for your second lesson - I predice a pass by the end of May :)

Mar G said...

Good for you Missus - You are making great progress. Keep up the good work! ;-)