Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What a bummer!

My external hard disc drive has failed on me! I've had 3 external HDDs in as many years all failed after a short period of time!!! my 1st HDD was a cheapy 80gig memory - it lasted longer than a year. The 2nd was a middle of the road manufactured 150gig HDD - that failed just as the year warranty ran out! Now you would be thinking along the lines that a "Buffalo" 250gig HDD would be the dog's you know whats!! Nope!! not a cheapy one either at over £100 just a little over a year ago. 8 months after purchase, it starts to make a 'clicky' noise but it still worked - very slowly but it still worked and I still had hope! I had planned to start sorting out the files on it as the last time I did a back-up - it double-copied everything from the main computer to the external drive. Only I need to pull a crafty photo file or more from it. Well, I don't hold out much hope at the moment of ever recovering the files. LOTS of photos including photography courses, family, craft stuff I've done in the past and files. It sucks!!

I am relieved I don't do enough to have had a whole 250gigs worth of data/files on it - I couldn't even begin to think about how I would react to that devastation!!

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