Monday, 9 March 2009

Off to school camp!

I can't believe that time has come round again for another of my kids! My son who will be going to high school after the summer hols this year, is off to P7 camp today with his classmates. It's really hard to believe that this will be happening soon. Over the weekend we thought Stewart wouldn't be able to go to camp - he complained on Saturday afternoon to his dad that his throat was very sore and apparently hardly got out of his bed. He sounded rough when I got home from work on Saturday evening. Sunday was no better so it was a trip to the NHS 23 drop-in. It's scary that since NHS 24 has been in operation, we have never needed to use the service [thankfully]. But because he was due to go to school camp today, we felt it necessary for him to get the anti-biotics asap into his system. This is his 2nd bout in about 3 weeks!

One of the other Tranent schools have recently attended the same camp in Hexham and apparently it was very very muddy courtesy of the recent heavy rainfall. Here's hoping it's not too bad [as if!].

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Mar G said...

I remember when Robbie went away to P7 school camp....I was nearly bubbling & he was mortified cos I was giving him a red face!
The camp then was Winmarleigh Hall & Robbie loved every minute of it :-) I don't think he washed the whole time he was away though cos the soap came back inside the soap dish untouched? Lol
Glad Stewart was well enough to go. Hope he's having a ball!
TC - Mar x