Friday, 27 March 2009

Driving Lesson #4

Yay!! I am beginning to enjoy these lessons - well actually that's a wee lie! I last week's lesson was actually my 2nd lesson doing proper driving from start to finish and I thoroughy enjoyed that!

This week, I drove right on to the A1, actually getting up to 5th gear! We passed Asda and then down Milton Road. I then drove on to the little streets around Marionsville Road to make a start on my "turn in the road". Loadsa learners there! I did not do too badly - Donna, my instructor only wanted me to do 3 of them! Donna then got me to drive back along the A1, again getting up to 5th gear. I find it just a wee bit scary trying to remember what gear I am in, then to slow down the speed, then dropping from a high gear down to another gear in hand with the slower speed. Still, I didn't do too badly at all again!! I expressed my feat to Donna who said that next week will be spent going on and coming off the A1 so that I can get used to the speed and change the gears without really having to 'think' about it! YAY!!

I remember taking lessons way back 15 years ago and even sat and failed my test never to take another lesson nor get driving again. Back then I was really scared about doing stuff on the road - I think as time has went by, and although I definitely not the most confident person going, I seem to have confidence learning again and not too scared taking the lessons - even though my stomach prior to a lesson will prove otherwise LOL!!

Have a fabby day!

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