Thursday, 5 March 2009

Domestic gadgets!

Our 5 yr old washing machine virtually died between Christmas and New Year - we ended up getting a replacement/equivalent machine just after the 1st week in January this year. The brand new washing machine which has a larger drum - 8kg meant that I could clear the backlog of washing no probs!! BUT! I thought I was losing the plot as I always put a finished cycle on to the full spin mode and the programme on the machine just wouldn't play ball!!! It's one of those machines where there are a few lights and buttons etc - just gimme a machine with a simple programme, high spin, adjustable temperature control and no fancy buttons etc!! Is that too much to ask? Anyways, 5 weeks later - BANG!!! I hadn't clicked it would be the blooming w/machine did I? Then the acrid smell of melting plastic! That'll be that then eh? I promptly switch off at the wall - don't fancy becoming a statistic and house burning down due to the faulty w/machine. Needless to say this event tripped the fuse box!! Machine still full of water, I had to empty the clothing items out cos if just left, it would have stank and boy oh boy by the time the engineers came to uplift the machine, it was stinking!!! So now we have a brand new replacement washing machine again!! I had to laugh really as 2 days prior to the machine exploding, I had a rep from this company asking me various questions about the product. I said I was happy but now I would definitely NOT recommend a CANDY [who are part of the Hoover group] washing machine! The 1st Candy w/machine that died between Crimbo and NY had to have the drum replaced in its first 8 months of owning it! Various other things to mention but the insurance had taken care of any worries in that department. I have to say, whilst having a CANDY fridge freezer and dishwasher for over 5 years, no complaints from those gadgets [erm touches wood ....].

Another thing, a majority of domestic fires which start through the night are the result of people putting their dishwashers/washing machines/tumble driers on before going to bed - this can also happen when you load them, switch them on and go out socialising or shopping! Goodness knows I was guilty of that until I had a routine visit from the fire brigade replacing the smoke detectors - it was them who highlighted this to me! So, please please please think twice about putting on those domestic appliances before you go to bed or pop out to do some shopping/socialising!!

The same also applies to those who leave their computers on for long periods of time! The fans which cool down the elements and processors can also stop working - the insides of your PC can overheat and set itself alight!!

So please SWITCH OFF if you aren't using the above electrical gadgets!!

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Mar G said...

Oh Hels what a carry on with your washing machine, glad now you've got a replacement. Hope it continues to work fine!
I switch everything off & won't go out or to bed leaving anything on or in stand by mode.....I'm terrified of fire & Bobby used to think I was being ridiculous switching every single thing off at night. The advert thats on the tv just now (which is horrific) only reinforces why you shouldn't leave a washing machine on though!