Friday, 20 March 2009

Driving Lesson #3

Well, what can I say LOL?
My instructor parked as usual except on the opposite side of my road [which is quite narrow really!] facing up toward the top of the road. That's not unusual I can hear you think!! The roads are getting re-surfaced in and around some of the streets close to my home so the huge machinery for stripping the tar layers off the road and other vehicles needed for this job are fairly using and blocking some parts of the streets off.
I'll get to the point soon honestly! Last week, my instructor said that she was thinking about taking me down to Musselburgh as she knew the streets down there better compared to Tranent. She hadn't yet decided on whether she would do the driving there or would it be myself.
When Donna parked up this morning and then proceeded to get out of the driving seat, I knew I would be doing the driving!! Holy macaroni!!! I had jokingly said to her that I just 'knew' she would be doing that to me and we both laughed!! Anyways I explained that I had some kind of mind block about stopping/slowing down the car and changing gear and wasn't sure I had mastered it!! So I was glad Donna went through it again and actually got me to stop at the roadside on a couple of occasions for me to practice slowing down. It was the breaking/slowing myself down before I changed gear con fuddled me!
Gets through to Musselburgh okay - another 'hairy' place to drive in or through - so many pedestrian crossings and parked cars to encounter etc. Not too bad. Gets to the junction to either go to Joppa or up to Milton Road and stalled the car right at the lights LOL!! We get so far along that road and then Donna announces that we were going along the bypass to save time for going home. Yep! - I did just that - I drove along the bypass to Tranent LOL!!
Next week I am apparently going to start to do reversing and 3 point turns but firstly I've to be driving on the bypass to save some time in doing these steps!

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Mar G said...

Well done Hels....Excellent!
You must be SO chuffed wih yourself?
If you can drive through busy Musselburgh then you can drive anywhere ;-)
Oh you'll be coming to West Calder next - Lol x