Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Alwyyne's 10th Birthday - February

I'm just getting round to sorting out some of the photos I've taken since January this year. I came across this photo from Alwynne's 10th birthday. I took the 4 of them to Dunbar Swimming Pool and for a bite to eat. This photo is deceiving as it looks as if the kids are dressed for summer [admittedly they are dressed for it!] but this was in the height of February, only a short while following the thaw of the really bad spell of snow and frost. On the way there, I had managed to hit a pot hole in the road which sounded like a huge 'Bang!' in the car and we all got a fright. I'm sure I was only going at 20 mph as there were cars parked on my side of the road and there was a fair bit of traffic in the oncoming lane and meant I couldn't drive to avoid the pot hole. I checked the car once we got to the pool - everything seemed fine as I had checked all the tyres/wheels. However, on our way back the car felt 'odd' and there was such a drone coming from it even with the stereo playing. I eventually managed to find a safe place to stop and check the car. OMG!! I had a flat tyre - not only that but a misshapen wheel! I had to phone Stewart to come to my aid and put the spare on. The kids got home later than planned as this was unfortunate. Now whenever I see a pot hole, I cringe fearing the worst!

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