Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hubby's Scrapbook Album - WIP [work in progress]

I haven't really worked on any scrapbooks or pages for a long while to be honest. However, after attending the Scrapaholix class, I've been inspired to re-kindle my mojo for scrapbooking [and hopefully my other crafts too!]. The album was intended for Stewart's 40th birthday but my work commitments and endless volunteering etc with the kids' school at that time meant I never seemed to have time to do anything. Hopefully that will change soon.

Stewart's [hubby] 42nd birthday will be upon us next weekend and I'm pretty sure the album still won't be ready in time - the main thing is, it's back as a work in progress effort!

Stewart as a baby with his grandparents:
Double layout:
Right LO of above:
Left LO of above:
Some facts in the little 1967 booklet:

Hits at the time of Stewart's birth in 1967:Little 1967 fact book:
Little booklet + CD of music at time of birth etc Layout:
Baby's first home with mum and dad:
Birth page:

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