Sunday, 20 June 2010

S6 Prom Night [Friday 18th June]


Ladies and gents:
Marianne and friend Shaun:
The gents:
The ladies:

Friday was my daughter's 6th year leaver's do or "Prom Night" to be held at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh. The ladies and gents met at Shaun's house from where their mini bus was scheduled to depart from. This night seemed such a popular evening to organise quite a few proms from various high schools in the county as there wasn't a limo to be hired from anywhere!

The gents were very dapper and handsome arriving in their kilt/suit attire as were the ladies dressed in various lengths of dresses/ballgowns. I am very proud of my gorgeous and precious daughter and said so via modern technology - I had wanted to say to her before she went to her prom but feared I'd upset her and be responsible for her make-up running. Perhaps it's just as well we ran out of time before everyone bailed into the mini-bus. Anyway, I received a very nice text in receipt :o) - it made my day!

Facebook is a wonderful place to see all the different photos from Marianne's friends and fellow year mates......

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