Sunday, 27 June 2010

Friday 25th June - Kai and Lou's Play Date

I'm impressed! Look at me with the Kai and Lou either side of me!
[photo courtesy of L.Davies]
Lou exhausted:
My sister and I arranged a play date for our dogs to get acquainted as Lou hasn't really been up close running solo without lead with another dog. Kai is a little over 1 yr old and Lou is a little over 10 months old. They are both at the 'mouthing' stage when playing so it was good to see them both get on eventually in the park to the rear of our house. The got on well together so much so they played constantly in our back garden on our return! Their heads and necks were soaking with saliva. Lou is constantly casting his coat at the minute and Kai seems to have acquired some of them LOL!! Lou was totally exhausted afterwards.

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