Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Weekend trip to York Minster with the girls 29-21st March

The girls and I took a wee train trip to York for a long weekend as a wee "getaway" which was fun. Such a shame it rained intently on the Saturday to which my jeans were soaked through right up to the knees - it didn't help they were of the bootleg cut and slightly longer than I would have desired!

I hadn't been since I was a kiddie with the family and had visited the railway museum. If I visit York again, I'll be making sure I visit the tourist attractions - it seemed the York Minster visit was mainly for shopping or pub visiting LOL!!

If anyone watches the lunchtime soap "Doctors" and saw the ongoing storyline with Dr Clay being kidnapped by a brother and sister duo [who appeared to be not the "full shilling"], well, I bumped into the actress who played the 'sister' of the duo!! Didn't think to get a photo but she did confirm on questioning that was who she was - I didn't want to be too rude and ask for a photo! My chum Kirsteen was there to witness this so I'm definitely not making it all up ;o)

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