Sunday, 6 June 2010

Meet "Lou"

Meet "Lou" our 10mths old GSD. He's goregous isnt he? After much deliberation and almost 1 yr following the loss of our other GSD "Sunny", we adopted him from a couple with very young children back in November 2009 - at which time he was almost 6 months old. They had found that they didnt quite have the time to spend with him so unfortunately we have taken on someone else's mistakes with regard to training Lou! He was originally named Balou [as in Balou the bear!] but he most definitely didnt reply to our calling him that - perhaps we hadnt mastered his previous owners 'pitch' if you get my meaning! He's quite a handful - quite a large dog for even bein 10 months old people don't realise he is still very much a puppy.

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Mar G said...

Awww Lou is def gorgeous...Bet he's keeping you all active too ;-)
Hope you are all well? x