Monday, 7 June 2010

New MP3 downloaded albums

I'm currently listening to these artists's albums at the minute - a real mixture! [all images courtesy of]

Following on from a recent post, a trak "Kandi" from One Eskimo was played as background music in the last scene of Bones the week before last. A British band who have been the supporting act for various artist concert tours such as Paolo Nutini etc. It seems they have hit it bigger in the USA as all their tours are over there!

An upbeat album to be listening to from this young lady:
Another inspiring album which I received for Mother's Day this year from the kids:
Florence and the Machine - some of their tracks have been played on the TV as background music to programme trailers. Her voice is quite unique and I quite like some of funky lyrics in this album:

Last but not least, Mr Buble, the modern day "crooner" - fabby cruisin' in the car music to be listening to!

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